Sunday, December 28, 2014


If the Steelers win tonight, they host the Ravens. If the Steelers lose tonight, they travel to Indy. Can't express in words how much I hate the Dirty Birds.

Big Ben's stats the last time we played the Colts:
He was 40-49 for 522 yards and 6 TDs in a 51-34 Steelers win.

Big Ben's stats the last time we played the Ravens:
He was 25-37 for 340 yards and 6 TDs in a 43-23 Steelers win.

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Random Tweets of the Day

KDKA's Rich Walsh's scooped everyone on the Pitt football coaching situation. Now he's the target of hatred.

My tweet:
Jealousy is an ugly thing. Please stop hating @RichieWalsh. The Burgh's lucky to have him.

Arkansas coach Bret Bielema and Texas coach Charlie Strong appeared at a press conference for the Texas Bowl today, and it appears as though Bielema may have found a nice time to get in a dig at the Longhorns.

While Bielema was shaking hands with Strong, he gave the "Horns Down" with his left hand. That's an upside down version of the "Hook 'em Horns" that Texas fans are famous for making with their hands. The "Horn's down" is considered quite insulting to those who love the Longhorns.

Soon after the photo came out, Arkansas and Bielema said it had been doctored.

My tweet:
Bret Bielema gave the 'Horns Down' sign now he's saying the pic was photoshopped. Was the video fixed, too? Stop lying. What a jag-off!

I really dislike the fact that college football is now ruled by money. Bowl games used to be fewer, better and named after fruit and flowers.

My tweet:
Please drop the sponsor's name from bowl games. The Duck Commander Independence Bowl sounds dopey. Just call it the Independence Bowl.

Ed Hochuli's crew is officiating tomorrow's Steelers-Bungles game. Remember the recent lousy call against 49ers linebacker Nick Moody? He was penalized for roughing the passer for hitting Russell Wilson. The NFL has admitted that call was wrong.

My tweet:
Please tell me it's not true! The yellow flags will be flying and phantom roughing the passer penalties will be called. Sniff...sniff.


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