Sunday, December 23, 2012

Steelers Blow (Sung to the tune of "Let It Snow")

Steelers Blow
by Meredy
(sung to the tune of "Let It Snow")

Oh, the game today was frightful,
The season wasn't very delightful,
The runners had nowhere to go,
Steelers blow, Steelers blow, Steelers blow.

It doesn't show signs of stopping,
The footballs, our receivers were dropping;
The offense was turned way down low,
Steelers blow, Steelers blow, Steelers blow.

When Ben finally connected to a back,
It was time to turn it over on downs;
Whenever we'd go on the attack,
We came out looking like clowns.

The season is quickly dying,
And, I fear, we're still denying,
No playoffs 'cause we're so-so,
Steelers blow, Steelers blow, Steelers blow.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Browns 20, Steelers 14

I haven't missed a Steelers game since 1972 and I have three words to describe it. Fugly, fugly, fugly!

No playoffs for us this year.

Looking ahead...with the 11th pick in the 2013 NFL draft the Pittsburgh Steelers select...??? I'll answer my own question. A decent backup QB, I hope.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Pittsburgh 72, Oakland 62 in OT

J.J. Moore had five of his team-high 16 points in overtime, and Pittsburgh set a school record for largest halftime deficit overcome with a 72-62 victory over Oakland on Saturday night.

The Panthers (4-0) trailed by 14 at the half and by as many as 18 in the second half, the third-largest deficit they've come back from at any point in a game for a win. Pitt went on a 7-0 run over the final 59 seconds of regulation to force overtime.

Pitt dominated the extra session; scoring 11 of the first 13 points in overtime, including a James Robinson jumper that survived a video review to be sure it beat the shot clock.

The Panthers improved to 95-3 against nonconference opponents in the 10-year history of the Petersen Events Center.

Penn St. 45, Indiana 22

Receiver Allen Robinson had three highlight-reel scoring catches and Matt McGloin threw for four touchdowns to lead Penn State in a 45-22 win Saturday over Indiana.

Zack Zwinak added 135 rushing yards, but the Nittany Lions (7-4, 5-2 Big Ten) did most of their damage through the air against the porous Hoosiers (4-7, 2-5).

Star linebacker Michael Mauti was carted off in the first quarter after hurting his left knee.

The emotional heart of the Penn State defense, Mauti was having a standout season before getting hurt while being blocked after appearing to get hit low by another Hoosier, running back D'Angelo Roberts.

A silent crowd rose to its feet and then applauded Mauti in unison as he was taken to the locker room, his hands on the front of his helmet. Injuries - one to each knee - already cut short two seasons for Mauti earlier in his career.

The offense gave Penn State fans something to smile about on a record-setting day for both McGloin and Robinson, who took advantage of an overwhelmed and poor-tackling Indiana secondary.

McGloin finished with a career-high 395 yards on 22 of 32 passing with an interception, and eclipsed Daryll Clark's single-season passing record of 3,003 yards.

Robinson, a smooth sophomore, set the school single-season reception mark with 73 after burning the Hoosiers on the afternoon for 10 catches for 197 yards, also a career high.

He's become a master of making mid-air adjustments for spectacular catches.

One score from 26 yards out came after jumping high and reaching across his body over cornerback Brian Williams in the end zone; the third touchdown catch was on a one-handed grab in the air from 10 yards with another defensive back draped over him.

Those scores sandwiched a 53-yard catch-and-run for a TD after Robinson twisted out of a tackle and pulled away from the gassed secondary.

The success of McGloin and Robinson is testament to job first-year coach Bill O'Brien has done in reviving a Penn State offense that had struggled in the previous two seasons under the late coach Joe Paterno.

In this new era of Penn State football, the high-octane offense has just as much fun as the defense.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Steelers Injury Updates

Mike Tomlin said Ben Roethlisberger's injury is a sprain to the sternoclavicular joint, which connects the breastbone to the collarbone.

Several other sources have told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette that Roethlisberger also sustained some form of rib injury when he was sacked by Chiefs linebacker Justin Houston.

Roethlisberger did not return to the game last night and was taken to a local hospital for an MRI.

More on the injury

Per The clavicle (or collar bone) connects to the sternum (or breast bone) in the middle of the chest at the top. If the shoulder is subjected to a hard impact this joint can become damaged. It must be said however that this is a very rare injury, but if it does occur and is quite bad, you should seek medical help because the bones are dangerously close to important blood vessels. The treatment is rest.

Per Sternoclavicular (SC) joint injury consists of ligament trauma to the joint connecting the breastbone [sternum] and the collarbone [clavicle]). It is an uncommon injury. A common mechanism of injury is a direct blow or landing on the side of the body which can indirectly load the SC joint, leading to disruption of the ligaments around the SC joint. Examples include a side-blow in a car accident or a pile-on in a football game. Most SC joint injuries are subluxations (in which the joint is partially separated) rather than dislocations (in which the joint surfaces are completely displaced and remain unopposed). Treatment is influenced by this difference. Non-operative treatment is indicated for most patients, who are usually able to eventually resume pre-injury activities. Subluxations and anterior (towards the front) dislocations are usually treated non-operatively. Initial treatment consists of ice, pain medication and sling immobilization.

Per The sternoclavicular (SC) joint connects your clavicle (collarbone) to your sternum, which is the large bone down the middle of your chest. This attachment is the only bony joint linking the bones of the arm and shoulder to the main part of the skeleton.

The SC joint is one of the least commonly dislocated joints in the body. Car accidents cause nearly half of all SC dislocations. Sports injuries cause about 20 percent. Falls and other types of accidents cause the rest.

When the SC joint is dislocated, it is usually an anterior dislocation. This means that the clavicle is pushed forward, in front of the sternum. Dislocating in the opposite direction is less common because the ligaments on the back side of the joint are so strong.

Direct force against the front of the clavicle can push the end of the clavicle behind the sternum, into the area between the lungs. This is called a posterior dislocation. It takes a lot of force to cause a posterior dislocation due to the strength of the ligaments behind the joint.

Posterior dislocations can be very dangerous, because the area behind the sternum contains vital organs and tissues. The heart and its large vessels, the trachea, the esophagus, and lymph nodes can all be seriously damaged in a posterior dislocation of the SC joint. This can cause life-threatening injuries to the heart and lungs. Immediate medical help is required to get the SC joint back into position after a posterior dislocation.

SC Joint Sprain 
Sometimes force may only sprain the SC joint. Mild sprains cause pain, but the joint is still stable. In moderate sprains, the joint becomes unstable.

Treatment of SC Joint Sprains
A mild sprain usually gets better by resting the joint for two to three days. Ice packs can be placed on the sore joint for 15 minutes at a time during the first few days after the injury.

Moderate sprains may require some help to get the joint back into position. A figure-eight strap wraps around both shoulders to support the SC joint. Patients with a moderate sprain may need to wear this type of strap for four to six weeks. The strap protects the joint from another injury and lets the injured ligaments heal and become strong again.

Other injury updates

Troy Polamalu (torn right calf): doubtful
Ryan Clark (concussion): good to go
Antonio Brown (ankle): questionable
Rashard Mendenhall (Achilles): questionable

No. 19 Gonzaga beats West Virginia 84-50

Gonzaga faced an early test against West Virginia. Coach Mark Few was pleased with the results.

Gary Bell Jr. scored 15 points and No. 19 Gonzaga crushed the Mountaineers 84-50 on Monday night.

Aaric Murray led West Virginia (0-1) with 14 points, while Jabari Hinds added nine.

The Mountaineers shot just 27 percent from the field in the game and never got their offense untracked. They were 3 of 26 from 3-point range.

''The first thing I think we need to do is we've got to find out who really wants to play and who doesn't,'' West Virginia coach Bob Huggins said. ''We don't compete.''

Monday, November 12, 2012

Steelers Game Live

Kansas City Chiefs at Pittsburgh Steelers on Monday Night Football
Weather Conditions: 44 degrees, light rain, 15 mph wind at 8:30 pm kickoff

Put the damn game on. It's 8:35 already and I'm in a pissy mood from having to listen to Sally Wiggin and Guy Junker for an hour and a half.

I pity the poor veterans. They have to stand in the rain and listen to a horrible rendition of the National Anthem. Meanwhile the players are rudely talking instead of acting appropriately. Please have some respect for our veterans and our National Anthem.

Finally, a kickoff at 8:40 pm. KC on offense. Ugly, cheap-looking uniforms - white tops and bottoms with red trim. A 9 yard gain on a running play. :( A 6 yard gain via pass. :( No gain on a run. :) Sack of Cassel by Brett Keisel on 3rd down! Yippee! Punt!

Big Ben to H-E-A-T-H for 20 yards! Nothing after that. Punt!

KC drives right down the field for a TD. Grrrr! It's the first time KC has led this SEASON.

A 3 and out for the Steelers. Punt!

A short drive for KC. Punt!

A first down for the Steelers! It's a miracle! Willie Colon with two dumb penalties: a hold and cursing an official. Double grrrr! It's 1st and 29 deep in Steelers territory. Redman fumbled. KC has it on the Pittsburgh 10. It's now 3rd and goal from the 3. End of 1st quarter. KC 7, Pittsburgh 0.

2nd Quarter

LaMarr Woodley dropped Jamaal Charles at the 3 on 3rd and goal from the 3. Succop kicked a field goal. KC 10, Pittsburgh 0.

Succop kicked the ball out of bounds. Pittsburgh starts from the 40. Steelers too loose with the ball. Pass to H-E-A-T-H for a 1st down. H-E-A-T-H again! Another tight end pass, this time to David Paulson. The drive stalled at the 25. Suisham kicked a field goal. KC 10, Pittsburgh 3.

A 3 and out for KC! Punt!

A big 18-yard run for Jonathan Dwyer! Nice block by Willie Colon. A big 14-yard run for Big Ben! A gorgeous TD pass to Mike Wallace. What an acrobatic catch! Pittsburgh 10, KC 10.

A short drive for KC. Punt!

Steelers 10, Chiefs 10 at the half.

Third Quarter

Steelers got the 2nd half kickoff. Ben almost threw an interception on the 1st play of the 2nd half. Watch out! Ben sacked on 3rd down. Ben is favoring his right arm and just went to the locker room to be assessed. This sucks. Punt!

KC moving the ball on the ground through the left side of Pittsburgh's defensive line. Ike Taylor is down and out for a play. KC has a TD called back for holding. Succop missed the field goal.

Update on Big Ben: He's in the locker room. His right shoulder is being evaluated. His return to the game is questionable.

Byron Leftwich is in. He took a hard hit and struck his head on the ground. He appears a bit dazed. He was attempting to throw a pass (tuck rule) that the officials called a fumble. KC returned it for a TD. A total bush league group celebration is going on in the end zone. I guess KC has never scored before. The ruling on the field was overturned - no TD - incomplete pass. Going for it on 4th and 1. We didn't get the first down. Crapola!

KC going for a third down completion. Keenan Lewis knocked the ball out. Punt!

A nice throw from Byron to Emmanuel Sanders for a first down. Pass interference on Arenas.

End of the third quarter. Steelers 10, Chiefs 10.

Fourth Quarter

Tamba Hali (Penn St.) just got a roughing the passer penalty for a vicious hit on Leftwich. I don't know how Byron got up after that slobberknock. The drive stalled. Suisham kicked the field goal. Steelers 13, Chiefs 10.

Mike Tirico said Big Ben left the stadium with his wife. Maybe he isn't hurt. Is his wife in labor?

Ike Taylor made a great play. He ripped the ball away from Jon Baldwin (Pitt). Baldwin is woozy and is being evaluated. Ryan Clark missed a pick. Punt!

A 3 and out for Pittsburgh. Punt!

Nice pursuit and tackle of Peyton Hillis by Lawrence Timmons! A 3 and out for KC. Punt!

A 3 and out for Pittsburgh. Punt!

A 3 and out for KC. Punt!

A first down pass to Jerricho Cotchery! It's a miracle! Now it's 4th down again. Punt!

Under two minutes to go. Cassel is flinging the ball. KC is at midfield. Ryan Clark is down. Clark walked off under his own power. Pass interference on the offense on a big third down play. A huge pass completion on 4th down puts KC in field goal range. Succop hits the field goal on the last play of the game for the tie. The defense loses another lead in the 4th quarter. Grrrr! We're in OT.


KC got the ball to begin the OT. Lawrence Timmons intercepted a Cassel pass and brought it back to KC's five. On first down, Suisham kicked a 23-yard field goal to win the game 16-13.

Pittsburgh Steelers 16, Kansas City Chiefs 13 Final/OT

From Mike Tomlin's post game presser. Ryan Clark is being evaluated for a concussion. Ben Roethlisberger has a right shoulder injury and is being evaluated at a hospital. No further info is available at this time.